Violent crime in Brent: Sudbury Councillors attend Safer Neighbourhood Board event in June 2018

We recently attended a Brent Safer Neighbourhood Board event on violent crime in the borough. 

On Wednesday 20th June, the Brent Safer Neighbourhood Board ran an extremely well-attended event in Brent Civic Centre to discuss violent crime.

The panel included elected representatives, two school headteachers, the police and local charities. The need to give local community groups more funding and assistance to support young people figure strongly in the feedback given by residents. By far the most insightful comments came from young people on the panel and in the audience.

Within Sudbury, we’ll be looking to support more youth activities in the area. The Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre at 809 Harrow Road is keen for anyone wishing to run these activities to come forward, as they have space available in their building. We’ll also be working to provide sport and other activities in Sudbury’s green spaces – both to give local young people something to do and to deter people from using these same green spaces for anti-social behaviour.

This event should only be the start of a process of consulting residents, and it is especially important that the Metropolitan Police engage closely with residents as the police services of the three boroughs are merged together.

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