Support a Council bid for community activities and greening in Vale Farm – sign the petition

Working with the local community and Northwick Park’s fellow Councillors, we’re supporting a bid to use Brent Council funding, levied from private developers, to provide for more community activities for Vale Farm and enhance existing green spaces.

Vale Farm is one of Sudbury’s vital green spaces and is rightly protected from development in our local Neighbourhood Plan. This bid would enhance green spaces, plant more greenery and provide for more physical activities for people of all ages.

To support this bid or to suggest ideas, please either sign the below petition or drop us a quick email on, and We only need your surname and postcode to log your support.

(Please note: Unless you tick ‘yes, I want to receive updates’, your email address and contact details will not be used for any purpose other than confirming petition signatories with Brent Council. If you tick to say you want to receive updates, we will send you a quick email every time we publish blog posts on our website.)

Now we are moving to the next stage of the pandemic response, Brent Council has re-opened the latest round of applications for its Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) fund. Applications will be open until 3 May 2021.

NCIL is capital funding levied from private developers in Wembley Park and elsewhere, at no cost to the local council tax payer. Whilst it can’t be used to plug revenue gaps, it is designed to be used to fund the capital costs for community initiatives across Brent and to enhance our lived environment. In previous rounds we’ve been successful in supporting bids for a great deal of funding, including much-needed investment in our parks and green spaces.

Vale Farm is essential, much-needed green space in Sudbury, and is a vital source of amenties for local residents. There are strong protections against development in our local Neighbourhood Plan. We know it’s provided crucial space for physical activities for people of all ages during recent lockdowns, and existing outdoor facilities have been heavily used.

For this latest round of NCIL bidding, we’ve been starting discussions with residents’ groups and fellow Councillors about what Council funding could be used to enhance green space in Vale Farm, and we’re delighted to confirm an NCIL bid is now being prepared for Vale Farm. This includes work to:

  • Provide more activities for children and young people, particularly towards the north-eastern end of Vale Farm
  • Expand Multi-Use Game Area capacity in Vale Farm, given the heavy use of the existing facilities
  • Look into improving accessibility for residents visiting the park, especially from East Lane
  • Over the longer-term, work with relevant landowners to restore disused sports spaces to their former state – paricularly the old Tennis Court in the centre of the park. This will also help address anti-social behaviour in the area
  • Explore how we can enhance existing green spaces, plant more greenery and improve biodiversity

We will be supporting a bid for funding in the latest NCIL round, but this will also be part of a long-term piece of work and we’ll be lobbying the Council for funding in future rounds. This funding is levied from private developments at no cost to the local Council tax payer, and we’re determind that Sudbury gets its fair share as it has in previous NCIL rounds.

We would be very keen to hear from you about what improvements you would like to see in Vale Farm and across Sudbury, so do please get in touch if you have any thoughts. We support numerous community bids for funding every year and would be happy to assist and advise on projects which could go underway in your neighbourhood.

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