Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter published

Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter has started to be delivered to people’s homes. It updates residents on some of the things Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have been doing to improve the area – including tackling crime and anti-social behaviour; keeping Sudbury’s streets clean; improving Sudbury’s transport links; and enhancing our local parks and green spaces. 

Over the past few weeks, the Sudbury Labour Action team has started to deliver our spring 2019 newsletter out to people’s addresses. You can find a copy of it below:


Our latest newsletter provides residents with some information on the work we’ve been doing in Sudbury in the months since our election in May 2018, including but not limited to:

  • Reporting 237 fly tips, litter and other environmental issues to Brent Council to clear up
  • Supporting Sudbury’s most vulnerable residents with 121 cases related to housing needs and housing standards, including the condition of private rented sector homes
  • Raising 41 cases related to adult social care and social security
  • Helping residents to report 39 cases of anti-social behaviour and community safety
  • Holding around half-a-dozen walkabouts with the police in several neighbourhoods to listen to residents’ concerns about anti-social behaviour – including Sudbury Town, Sudbury Crescent, Maybank Open Space, Vale Farm, District & Central Road and Rokesby Place
  • Getting Brent Council to deal with 195 potholes, traffic and parking enforcement issues on our high streets and neighbourhoods
  • Stepping up the campaign to improve Sudbury’s transport links, including by taking residents’ concerns about the Chiltern line service at Sudbury & Harrow Road direct to Transport for London and the rail operator, and raising it with Cabinet Members in Full Council

This is just a snapshot of some of the work we’ve been doing, and indeed the casework stats will have increased since the newsletter went out to print. For example, we’ve also been supporting a number of bids for Community Infrastructure Levy funding and Love Where You Live grants to improve our local area; and we’ve been working with Council officers to improve Barham Park and support residents in carrying out more activities there.

The three of us have also attended dozens of scrutiny committee sessions, full council sessions and meetings since May 2018, where we’ve put residents’ issues directly to senior Council officers and cabinet members. And we’ve sat on Council working groups related to: tackling knife crime, Brent’s local plan, affordable housing, service provision on housing estates and the 2018/19-2020/21 Council Budget. We’re always happy to take any questions from people about any of our work in Brent Council.

As always, we want you to get in touch about anything else you’d like us to do on your behalf – either by dropping us an email, giving us a call or by filling in the freepost survey on the back of our newsletter.

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