Sudbury Labour Councillors reassure residents and make representations about planning applications in Sudbury Town station and near Barham Park

Residents have been in touch about two recent planning applications in Sudbury : one developing the cottages near Barham Park (pictured) and another an appeal by Pocket Living to the Planning Inspector, asking them to overturn Brent Council’s Planning Committee’s original decision to reject their application to build one-bedroom flats near Sudbury Town station. In response to these concerns we have written detailed representations on behalf of residents about these applications, supporting objections. You can find these in this post.

Local residents in Sudbury have reached out to us recently about two planning issues in Sudbury. To reassure residents, neither of these applications are ‘from’ Brent Council – indeed one of them has already been rejected by the Council’s planning committee. We thought we would write a post setting out the work we have been doing to raise residents’ concerns and to offer some assurance about the next steps.

The first application is to replace existing housing near Barham Park (pictured) with a block of flats. This development will be considered by the Planning Committee now that enough residents have raised objections. We have written to the Planning Department raising our own objections, which you can see below:



The second application concerns a development by Pocket Living, submitted last year, to build two blocks of one-bedroom flats in a car park outside Sudbury Town station. This was rightly rejected on 10 June last year by Brent Council’s Planning Committee , and we submitted strong objections at the time – not least due to the lack of affordable and family housing in the proposed development, which was a departure from Brent’s Local Plan and the London Plan, and didn’t provide Brent residents with the kind of housing we so desperately need.

In accordance with the planning process, Pocket Living has now appealed this decision to an external decision-maker, outside of Brent: the national Planning Inspector. Brent Council will be defending the original decision to reject the application. We support our local Planning Committee’s original decision, so ahead of the deadline on 11 May we have written letters to the Planning Inspectorate reinforcing Brent’s grounds for rejecting the application. You can see these letters here:


We will be making spoken representations to the Planning Inspectorate and Committee when we are given the opportunity to do so. Should you wish to get in touch about these applications please do not hesitate to contact us – we’re just a quick email or phone call away.

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