Sudbury Councillors write to Eton Avenue residents confirming action taken to combat anti-social behaviour, tackle fly tips and improve roads

On Saturday 16 February, Sudbury’s Labour Councillors wrote to residents in Eton Avenue confirming action taken to improve pavements, combat anti-social behaviour and deal with litter and fly-tips in their area.

We wrote this letter some weeks after Sudbury’s Labour action team (pictured above) knocked on doors along Eton Avenue to speak to fellow residents about any issues they had which needed addressing.

People raised particular concerns about the state of the grass verges along the road, many of which were very muddy and in need of improvement. We also picked up a lot of issues with fly tips and littering – something we’re constantly working to address. We are also already aware of a number of issues with anti-social behaviour, particularly towards Sudbury Town in the far western end of Eton Avenue.

In the weeks since, we’ve been hard at work rectifying these problems and raising them with Brent Council. We’ve since written back to Eton Avenue residents confirming the action we’ve taken, and seeking their views on anything else which needs addressing.

You can read a copy of our letter below:


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