Sudbury Councillors support community bids to improve green spaces in Barham Park and Vale Farm

Following our earlier campaign to secure investment in our parks and green spaces, we have now sent letters strongly supporting bids for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy investment in Barham Park and Vale Farm. This is the next step in a series of efforts to enhance green spaces in Sudbury, and provide more opportunities for community activities for people of all ages.

Ahead of the latest deadline for Brent Council Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) funding, the three of us as Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors have submitted bids to secure capital investment to improve green spaces in Barham Park and Vale Farm. As a reminder, NCIL is levied from private developments in Wembley and elsewhere, at no cost to local council tax payers: the fund is designed to be used to mitigate the impact of local development and improve our local area.

You can find copies of our supporting letters below:



These bids have strong support from local residents, and petitions showing the level of support were submitted alongside these bids. This is only the next stage in a long-term process of improvement to Sudbury’s parks and green spaces. It builds up on the hundreds of thousands of pounds already invested in Barham Park; in planters in Sudbury Town; and in pockets of green land for community gardening in Perkin Close, Maybank Avenue and Priory Close.

As a reminder, we have also worked with residents to submit objections to recent proposals to develop near Barham Park, and we will always support residents’ efforts to secure developments which enhance greenery; are in keeping with the local area; and provide us with the affordable, family housing which we need. These detailed objections are available elsewhere on our website and we’d be happy to discuss them with concerned residents – just get in touch.

These were two of several bids we supported in Sudbury and across Brent during the latest NCIL round. We look forward to working with residents to secure further improvements to green spaces across Sudbury, and to supporting bids in future years. Drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your thoughts.

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