Sudbury Councillors secure first free community skip in Sudbury for residents in Hastings, Chilcott and Compton Avenue

On 15 February, Sudbury Councillors secured the ward’s first ever free community skip, providing residents with the chance to dispose of bulky waste completely free of charge without having to pay for bulky waste collection. This will be the first of many free community skips in Sudbury.

On Saturday 15 February, Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors – Mary Daly, Saqib Butt and Thomas Stephens – met with Brent Council Officers and Veolia to run the first every community skip in Sudbury, providing residents with a free and easy way of disposing bulky waste from their homes.

We know from personal experience that disposing of bulky items can be an unnecessary cost, so we were keen for Sudbury to be one of the first in line to have one of the new community skips being introduced across Brent.

With the support of local residents, we managed to secure a skip for residents on Hastings Close, Chilcott Close, Compton Avenue and Repton Avenue. We then worked with Veolia and Council Officers throughout the morning on 15 February to pick up litter on the streets and help residents dispose of bulky items for free.

The skip was a roaring success. Many of the items disposed of will now be re-used and given to new owners rather than being disposed of – not least the many bicycles donated by local residents. We also filled up up several sacks of litter and smaller dumped items from private areas of the estate.

We’re now pressing for skips to be introduced in other areas of Sudbury, and will be writing to residents in these areas to give them advance notice of the skip. If you’d like your neighbourhood to be considered for one, please do get in touch and we’ll work with the Council to schedule one in your area.

Cllr Thomas Stephens, February 2020

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