Sudbury Councillors continue supporting STRA’s “Sudbury in Bloom” clean-up of Network Rail land

Today, Sudbury Councillors continued to support Sudbury Town Residents’ Association’s (STRA’s) gardening and clean-up of Network Rail-owned land near the railway bridge in Sudbury. We’ll also be approaching TfL, the Council and the local Housing Association to get them to further improve the area, building on the excellent work STRA has done.

Earlier today, we were delighted to continue helping Sudbury Town Residents’ Association (STRA) members gardening and clean-up of Network Rail owned land near the railway bridge in Sudbury.

Thanks to the hard work of STRA, funded by a Brent Council “love where you live” grant, the area has been transformed in just a matter of months. The land used to be filled with litter and weeds, but thanks to hard work over many weekends it’s now hardly recognisable – it’s a huge improvement on what we had before.

Today, we got rid of weeds and planted bulbs in the area on the left side of the bridge (pictured below). We also watered the plants; and cleared up cigarette buds and beer cans on both sides of the road. We’ll continue supporting STRA in further “Sudbury in Bloom” events, as and when they’re scheduled.

Brent Council Litter Clean Up Sudbury in Bloom

In the meantime, I’ll also be approaching Brent Council, Transport for London (TfL) and Notting Hill Genesis Housing Association about three issues in the area. If these are resolved, we think this will further beautify and transform the place. Let’s go through each in turn.

The Council needs to look into installing specific “don’t throw cigarette buds or beer cans” signs in the area

The volume of litter both sides of the road has gone down dramatically, and Veolia will also shortly be installing recycling bins in this area – which we hope will further tackle this problem.

Nevertheless, some people still aren’t treating the area with the respect it deserves, and beer cans and cigarette buds are still being discarded in the roads either side of the railway bridge.

The installation of specific signs warning people not to throw cigarette buds or beer cans might further deter people. We’ve just asked Brent Council if these could be installed.

Dirty street signs near the bus stop need to be cleaned up by TfL

The street sign on one side of the road is a bit of an eyesore – it’s also very poorly situated, just behind a bus stop and hardly visible for most drivers (see picture below). It’s TfL’s responsibility to sort this out.

We’ve been in touch with TfL about sorting this over a number of weeks, but they’ve been slow to respond. We chased them again today and asked them to expedite the process of sorting this out.

Brent Council Litter Clean Sudbury in Bloom

Notting Hill Housing Association must regularly clean their land in Barham Village

We frequently see litter discarded in two pieces of green space either side of the housing block on Harrow Road – one near the Tesco Express; the other on the opposite side right near the railway bridge (behind black metal fencing).

It is the responsibility of Notting Hill Housing Association to regularly clean up these spaces, as this falls outside of Veolia’s responsibility. Again, we’ll be approaching Notting Hill to get them to sort this out, and keep the area clean and tidy.

STRA has done brilliant work improving this area, and their work is an outstanding demonstration of just what is possible with Love Where You Live money. With further help from Notting Hill, TfL and the Council, we know STRA can build on this success and improve the area even further.

Cllr Thomas Stephens

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