Sudbury Councillors attend Barham Village Residents’ Association AGM

The Barham Village Residents’ Association (BVRA) recently held its Annual General Meeting (AGM), which we attended. Leaseholder rights came up as a key issue at the meeting and we’ll be supporting residents further in taking this up with managing agents.

On Saturday 12th May, we were proud to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Barham Village Residents’ Association (BVRA).

At the AGM, we heard local residents’ concerns about a range of issues in the Barham Village area – most especially leaseholder rights; anti-social behaviour around Sudbury & Harrow Road station; and litter issues, especially around the railway bridge. We also support BVRA in raising concerns about Virgin Media increasing the response times for their ‘Priority Fault Line’ service from 4 hours to 24 hours – meaning residents could have to wait longer to get faults repaired in future.

In the longer-term, we will also be supporting BVRA’s efforts to empower leaseholders, and ensuring everyone at the Barham Estate has proper information about their rights. We hope to hold a ‘leaseholders Q & A event’ later in the year to hear from experts, and in the meantime we are taking up residents’ concerns with the Leasehold Advisory Service – a Government-funded agency which is tasked with providing leaseholders with support and information about their rights.

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