‘Sudbury in Bloom’: Gardening near Sudbury & Harrow Road station

Sudbury Councillors have supported the Sudbury & Town Residents’ Association (STRA) in doing some gardening and weeding just south of the railway bridge near Sudbury & Harrow Road station. Thanks to STRA’s ‘Sudbury in Bloom’ initiative, the area is now much-improved. 

On the weekend of 19th and 20th May, we supported the Sudbury Town Residents’ Association (STRA) in their ‘Sudbury in Bloom’ initiative: helping them to get rid of weeds and do some gardening in the area just south of the railway bridge on Harrow Road, next to Sudbury & Harrow Road station.

This particular project, part of a wider ‘Sudbury in Bloom’ initiative spearheaded by STRAE, is funded by a grant from Brent Council’s ‘love where you live’ fund. It also only happened after STRA managed to persuade Network Rail to remove some unsightly railings near the bridge, and allow STRA to plant things to beautify the area.

Clearly this is a work-in-progress but the area looks much better than it did before. In the future, we’ll be looking to:

  • Support other residents in applying for ‘love where you live’ grants. These are small £500 grants that are very easy to apply for, so if you have any ideas about places that could do with work done on them – whether it be gardening, or otherwise – please contact us
  • Engaging with Network Rail and Transport for London about ownership of land in other parts of the ward – most notably the grassy land in the public toilets just outside Sudbury & Harrow Road station

As always, get in touch if you have any ideas or would like us to support you in anything.

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