Sudbury Councillors write to District and Central Road Residents to confirm our opposition to proposal for development at 709 Harrow Road

Sudbury Councillors have been contacted by a considerable number of residents in District and Central Road who are opposed to a proposed development in 709 Harrow Road (Ref: 19/0002). On Thursday 7 February, Cllr Thomas Stephens and Cllr Mary Daly wrote back to them to confirm our own opposition to this development. 

We have confirmed our opposition in the below email. In addition, we have also written our own objections to Brent Council’s planning department, which are also copied below.

Even if you have not received a consultation letter from the Council, you can still contact the planning department to state your own views about the proposals. If you email us directly, we’ll also make sure your views are forwarded directly to planning and logged by them.

As always, please do get in touch if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Re. Your concerns about the 709 Harrow Road planning application (Ref: 19/0002)

Dear Neighbour

Thank you for contacting your Sudbury councillors to express your concerns about the above planning application. 

We fully share your concerns, and we have duly written to Brent Council’s planning department to confirm our opposition to the proposals. Like you, we feel the planning department should reject these proposals because of the impact this will have on parking space; on amenities and access to light for local residents; and because it will exacerbate existing traffic issues on District and Central Road. 

We also agree with you that the consultation for this proposal has not been done widely enough, and that consultation letters should have been sent to more properties in the surrounding area. However, please be assured that even if you did not receive a consultation letter, you are still entitled to make comments on this development. 

If you haven’t done so already, we would strongly encourage you to raise your own concerns about this development, either via this webpage; or by emailing the planning department. Any concerns you email to us will also be duly forwarded on to planning. 

We hope that the planning department will reject this proposal outright. However we will continue to press them on this and we will contact you again as soon as we have any further information. If you would like to raise any issues with us in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Best wishes

Cllr Thomas Stephens

Cllr Mary Daly

Objection from Cllr Thomas Stephens to Planning Application 19/0002 – 709 Harrow Road

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to support local residents’ concerns about the above planning application, on the following grounds.

Implications for residential parking in the area
At present, there is very limited parking space in the area around the proposed site of the development, and indeed across all of District and Central Road. The traffic flow in this area is extremely heavy, and people living in the area frequently express concerns about the lack of parking space and lack of space to manoeuvre their cars around the area.

The application does not address this issue at all, and fails to explain how they will impact the restricted parking space in the area. To the contrary, the application implies that there may be scope for people to access the proposed extension from Central Road using shuttered exits – something that is simply not feasible. There is simply not sufficient parking space in this area, and this development will only exacerbate existing problems around DIstrict, Central and Harrow Road. 

Impact of extra loading/unloading space on local businesses and residents
It is inevitable that such a development will require extra loading/unloading space for vehicles, but it is not clear where this will take place or indeed what kind of additional retail space/premises we are likely to see in this development. 

The developers do not appear to have considered the impact this extra space will have on local residents, or indeed local businesses already using the space. The only safe and feasible location for such unloading space would be to the rear of 709 Harrow Road, but this will only increase demands on precious loading/unloading space already in the area. 

Obstruction of windows and limited emergency vehicle access for flats at 709 Harrow Road
The development will affect residents’ quality of life and safety in a number of ways. In particular, under the current proposals, it would appear that the residents at 709 Harrow Road will have the windows to their rooms obstructed, which will considerably limit light exposure to their rooms.

Nor is it clear how emergency vehicles will be able to access the flats at 709 Harrow Road. It is not possible for them to access them from the front as this area, outside the Tesco and BVRA community centre, is inaccessible for vehicles of this size and blocked by bollards. 

I trust that the above concerns will be taken into account by the planning department, and hope that you will reject this development as a result of these and other concerns expressed by local residents.

Yours faithfully
Councillor Thomas Stephens

Objection from Cllr. Mary Daly to planning application Number 19/0002

Having spoken to local residents affected by the proposed application. I am writing to support their legitimate concerns about 19/0002.
It was difficult to completely interpret the intention of the Developer in question as a report was not submitted with the drawings.
Loading Unloading
It is not clear if the drawings are suggesting an extension to the existing shop on 709 Harrow Rd or a separate retail premises facing outwards from the back of 709 Harrrow Rd and accessed from Central Road or indeed some other purpose for the proposed extension. Either way the proposed development implies more loading, unloading or vehicular activity.

In relation to loading and unloading for the four business premises the only way it can take place safely is from the area to the back where the extension is proposed. It is not clear from the drawings what if any impact on access and egress for lorries there will be for the businesses sharing the space if a larger extension is built to the back of Number 709 Harrow Rd. What is certain is that the proposed extension will take up loading and unloading space for 709 No Harrow Rd itself at a time when it is applying to extend its frontprint.

To the front of No 709 Harrow Rd is a very busy pedestrian walkway serving bus users, commuters from Sudbury Town Tube Station as well as local shoppers. Harrow Rd is a very busy and congested main distributer rd at that point. Where two lines of traffic merge into one and stopping to load/unload is not permitted. The back of Number 709 Harrow exits on to Central Rd at a sharp turn. It is a purely residential Rd lorries loading /unloading at that point would narrow a very busy heavily parked road as well as impacting the amenity of residents especially those living at numbers 1 and 3 Central Road because of their close proximity to the back of Number 709 Harrow Rd.

Amenity of residents living flats above Number 709 Harrow Rd
The drawings suggest that the proposed extension will obstruct at very close proximity parts of the windows of habitable rooms in the flats at Number 709 Harrow Rd. This will seriously limit outlook at light and is not acceptable. It is not clear how emergency vehicles especially fire vehicles will access the flats at Number 709 Harrow Rd if the proposed extension were to be built as the area to the front is pedestrianized as stated above.  

Impact on residential parking
On a recent visit with council planning officers we noted the proposed site for development was fully parked on. Whilst it was not many vehicles the proposed development would displace those vehicles onto District and Central Rd’s both roads are heavily parked. District Rd at its junction with Harrow Rd is considered to be a very congested junction used by commuter and school traffic to bypass the congestion further up in Sudbury Town. The Road is very heavily parked by both residents and commuters. The application makes no reference to customer parking in relation to the proposed expanded premises this is especially worrying as the application hints at accessing the proposed extension from Central in that reference is made to shuttered exits. There is not the capacity to safely incorporate increased customer parking on either Central or District Rd.  

For those very valid reasons at residents’ request we ask the planning department to reject this application as it has been submitted.

Cllr. Mary Daly

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