Sudbury Councillors write to confirm our opposition to Vale Farm car park development to Hastings, Chilcott and Compton residents

We’ve heard a number of concerns from residents about a proposed development to build a car park at Wasps RFC Pavilion. We have written to reassure fellow residents that we also oppose this development, and that the Council is minded to reject this application.

In our letter to residents, we have also highlighted that the Council has taken action to restore the protected trees to the back of Hastings and Chilcott Close. 

You can read our full letter here:

RE: Planning Application – Wasps RFC Pavilion – Ref 18/3462

Dear resident,

We are contacting you as your local Councillors because we have heard a number of concerns about a planning application (Ref: 18/3462) in your area, to build a car park at Wasps RFC Pavilion. We share your concerns about this application and have objected to it ourselves; and we are getting in touch to reassure you of some action we have taken.

At our request, Brent Council’s tree officers have been back on site and agree with us that the work undertaken on the protected trees to the back of Hastings and Chilcott Close has taken place without the Council’s permission.

To that end, the risk of harm to the existing trees, including the rubble, will be cleared; and trees will be planted to the Council’s specification so that the line of protected trees is restored to its former state. The operators of WASPS Club House have agreed to this, and promise to carry out the works by the end of March 2019.

In addition, Brent Council’s planning officers have told us they are minded to refuse application 18/3462 on the same grounds you have put in your objections, and in line with our own objections. These grounds include a loss of open space and an increase in parking at this location.

However, because of some technical details concerning the drawings originally submitted by the applicants, the Council has been forced to re-issue a new application with the same reference number (18/3462). You should have already received letters from the Council informing you of this. This new consultation will close on 22 February

Please be reassured that despite this technicality, the Council is still minded to refuse the application, and all your previous submissions will still be taken into consideration. When there is further information, we will write again to you to keep you informed. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns in the meantime.

Kind regards

Cllr Mary Daly, Cllr Saqib Butt and Cllr Thomas Stephens

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