Sudbury Councillors move to reassure Gauntlett Court residents about protections for our green spaces

On Monday 11 February, Sudbury Councillors wrote to residents in Gauntlett Court to correct some unfounded rumours about development in our area, and confirm the strong safeguards which are in place to protect Sudbury’s green spaces in our Neighbourhood Plan.

We have obtained these assurances from senior Brent Council officers and Cabinet members. Although the letter is directed at Gauntlett Court Residents, we hope it will reassure residents across the whole of Sudbury about our community. 

You can read our letter below: 

Re. A reassuring message from your Sudbury Councillors – development in Gauntlett Court 

Dear Neighbour

We are just getting in touch, as your locally-elected Councillors in Sudbury, to reassure you about some unfounded rumours about potential development in Gauntlett Court. 

Earlier this year, we were approached by residents in Gauntlett Court who had heard rumours that there may be development in Gauntlett Court and Vale Farm under Brent Council’s Local Plan, including through so-called “Compulsory Purchase Orders” (CPOs). 

As soon as we heard of these concerns, we immediately contacted Brent Council to clarify any misunderstanding. Council officers and Cabinet Members have duly reassured us that “there are no plans on this site” for CPOs, and that indeed “the Council has not identified intensification corridors” in the ward as “being subject to compulsory purchase orders.” In short, this means there are no plans to compulsorily purchase homes in Gauntlett Court.

To further reassure you, we would also like to add that as your local Councillors, we are fully in support of Sudbury’s local Neighbourhood Plan, which was drawn up by local residents and received overwhelming support in a local referendum in 2015. This Plan rightly sets out the following conditions for development in Sudbury:

1. It must protect, enhance and clean up Sudbury’s green spaces

2. It must help to create a vibrant town centre in Sudbury, with a range of community spaces and shops. We must strive to reduce the number of betting shops and fast food outlets  

3. Vale Farm and the old Wasps ground should be supported to become a regional centre of sports excellence, and “improvements to vale farm should not result in the loss of green space.” Indeed, “change of use and development other than for uses which support recreation, sporting and amenity use will not be permitted in Vale Farm”

When any development is proposed in Sudbury, we will continue to pay careful regard to Sudbury’s Neighbourhood Plan, and at the appropriate time, we stand ready to oppose any development when it is not consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan. 

We are also working hard to ensure Brent Council’s new Local Plan is fully in accordance with Sudbury’s Neighbourhood Plan, to enhance safeguards for the community. Indeed, if you have any views about the proposals in the plan, please feel to contact us and we will raise them directly with senior Council officers and Cabinet Members to ensure they are taken into account. 

We hope this reassures you, and we are disappointed that baseless rumours about CPOs and development have been circulated. If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch straight away. 

Best wishes
Cllr Thomas Stephens
Cllr Saqib Butt
Cllr Mary Daly 

We are disappointed to find that some baseless rumours have been circulated, and we will be engaging further with residents throughout Sudbury to provide similar assurances. We will also be reassuring residents and answering questions at the Sudbury Neighbourhood Forum’s General Meeting on Tuesday 12 February.

If you have any questions or further concerns, please contact us immediately and we will raise them with senior officers and Cabinet members. 

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