Sudbury becomes greener, with new investment in our parks and green spaces

Thanks to successful campaigning from Sudbury Councillors and residents, our community recently received some welcome investment in our parks and green spaces. Beautiful planters have now been installed in Sudbury Town centre, whilst Barham Park will be at the centre of a new Brent-wide “bee corridor” to improve biodiversity and encourage more community activities.

This is just the start, and we want to make every neighbourhood in Sudbury a greener, better place to live. So we’ve written out to residents throughout Sudbury providing more details on this welcome news, and seeking their views on what more needs to be done:


If you can’t fill in our freepost survey, you can always let us know your views by doing our online survey or getting in touch with us directly.

The news that Barham Park will be part of a new Brent-wide “bee corridor” has attracted some welcome attention across London. It received coverage in the London Evening Standard and BBC News, and was tweeted about both by the Labour Leader and by Brent’s Cabinet Member for the Environment. It’s already starting to show signs of success as we look forward to some lovely summer weather – we’ve personally spotted a fair few bees bumbling around the town centre and in Barham!

This welcome announcement means that a more diverse range of new plants and wildflowers will be planted in Barham Park’s meadows. The meadows will also be more strategically-placed than they were last year, freeing up some more space in-between pathways for residents to go out and about through the park – something we pushed for with Council officers.

This is just part of some much wider new commitments to improve green spaces in Barham Park and across Sudbury. The Barham Park Trust and Council have just kick-started a new programme of investment to improve the buildings, gardens and trees in the area to restore them back to their former glory.

To top it off, some beautiful new planters have also been installed in Sudbury Town thanks to new investment from the Labour Mayor of London, and we’ve been working with residents to keep them well-watered and tidy. Of course, this comes after some welcome work late last year to improve green spaces in Network Rail land near the railway bridge, next to Barham Village – all secured at the initiative of local residents, with the support of local Councillors.

None of this happened by accident. Since our election, we’ve started to engage more closely with the Barham Park Trust and Brent Council to secure some much-needed investment in our green spaces. We now hold regular monthly walkabouts with the park authorities and point out areas in need of improvement, and we also frequently attend meetings of the Barham Park Trust Committee in Brent Council.

In addition, we’ve been actively supporting residents’ bids for Community Infrastructure Levy and Love Where You Live funds to enhance Sudbury’s green spaces – and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty and help plant things when people are in need of some extra volunteers! For worthwhile causes, there are some useful funds available to bid for from Brent Council, with most of the money coming from levies on developers around Wembley Park at no cost to the local council tax payer.

But we want to go further, and build on these successes. We know there are many neighbourhoods throughout Sudbury that could do with some greening – whether a corner of the road in need of some flowers or greenery; or a section of a park that could benefit from some community activities.

So if you want to help us improve a local area, please do fill in the survey, get in touch directly or – even easier – just chat with us face-to-face if you see us around.

Cllr Thomas Stephens

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