New local community gardening initiative kicks off its first project in Perkin Close, Sudbury

On Saturday 3 August, a new local gardening initiative in Sudbury – set up with the full support of the ward’s three Labour Councillors – hit the ground running with its first ever project: an initiative to improve and enhance some green space in Perkin Close, Sudbury. We’ll continue to support this project as it further enhances the local area in the months ahead, with the support of Sudbury residents.

We all know that parts of Sudbury are in need of some work to further enhance green spaces across our neighbourhood. Fortunately, we’re blessed to serve in a community where there’s no shortage of local neighbours who are keen to play their part in improving the area, and where there is a wealth of local green spaces which we can improve with just a little bit of investment of our time and the council’s money (making use of council funds like Love Where You Live).

In order to realise this potential, we’ve helped establish Sudbury Community Gardeners: a community-focused, non-partisan organisation – open to all – which is designed to bring people together help ensure every green space across every part of our community is used to its full effect.

On Saturday 3 August, we helped kick off Sudbury Community Gardeners’ first ever project: an initiative to plant some flowers and enhance green space in some Council-owned land in Perkin Close. As shown in the photos below, over just a couple of hours on Saturday morning, they’ve made some remarkable progress in improving the area: de-weeding and clearing up some under-used land, laying down compost and starting to plant some much-needed greenery in the neighbourhood.

This is just the start of a longer-term project, and Sudbury Community Gardeners are looking to put in a funding bid to Brent Council to further enhance this green space in the coming weeks and months. Do be sure to follow them on Twitter, like their Facebook page or drop them an email at if you have any queries or would like to suggest some projects or offer your support.

Cllr Thomas Stephens

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