Sudbury Police walkabout on 2nd June 2018

We have raised a number of issues with Brent Council, housing managing agents, Transport for London and Network Rail following a police walkabout in Sudbury on 2nd June. We will be carrying out further walkabouts in other parts of the ward on future dates. 

On Saturday 2nd June,  we were delighted to join Sudbury’s local policing team on a police walkabout of the area, straight after our surgery in the Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre.

In this particular walkabout, we walked through a range of areas including Butler’s Green, Sudbury Crescent, the Barham Estate, the area around Sudbury & Harrow Road station, District Road, Central Road, Maybank Open Space and Station Approach. We’ll focus on other parts of the ward in future walkabouts.

As part of our campaign pledge to deliver a safer Sudbury, we feel it is essential that the police, local representatives and the Council work more closely together to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour. We can only solve many of these issues if we take a more joined-up approach, as so many of the issues the police encounter require an active response from the Council, landlords, managing agents and others.

As an immediate response to some of the issues raised with the walkabout, we have taken the following steps:

  • Pushed for better-placed litter bins along the public walkways surrounding the Barham Estate – most especially either side of the railway bridges. There are currently some unsightly Veolia bin bags on the railings in one of these bridges. The Council have confirmed that these will be removed in future as they facilitate street drinkers
  • We have also contacted Transport for London about the conditions in the bridges over the railways. They need to repair broken street lighs, clear graffiti from the bridges and cut back trees, as the low visibility in the area is currently contributing to anti-social behaviour
  • Contacted the managing agent at the Fishers Way estate (Notting Hill Housing) about the need to ensure the gates in the estate are closed to non-residents, to prevent any anti-social behaviour, illegal dumping and drinking
  • Looking into how we can tackle speeding cars and (non-resident) drivers behaving aggressively along the Station Approach, District Road and Central Road area
  • Working with residents’ groups in the area around Station Approach, District Road and Central Road to set-up a neighbourhood watch and apply for funds for potential gating to protect the space between residents’ homes
  • Looking at opportunities to get the Council to fund potential sports activities in Butler’s Green, Vale Farm and elsewhere to deter street drinkers from the are and give Sudbury’s young people something to do
  • We know Sudbury & Harrow Road station is a potential hotspot for anti-social behaviour, and we are continuing to work with residents to raise this with the British Transport Police. The best long-term solution will be a more regular train service at the station and we think that Chiltern’s current four return trains every weekday is not nearly sufficient. We will be renewing efforts to get this sorted

Both during and since the walkabout, Sudbury Police have kept up the good work and issued further notices against street drinkers. They have also arrested someone for posession of drugs at Sudbury & Harrow Road station:

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