Join the ‘Sudbury spring clean’ – tell us about street issues and local improvements needed in your area

Now the days are getting warmer and we’re moving to the next stage of the pandemic response, Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors – Mary Daly, Thomas Stephens and Saqib Butt – are reaching out to all residents for help in reporting any street issues which have emerged during recent lockdowns, and ideas on new investments needed in Sudbury from Brent Council.

Whatever the issue, big or small – whether it be potholes, litter, damaged pavements, anti-social behaviour or the need for new investment in our green space and infrastructure – we want to report it for you and help secure investment from Brent Council. Reach out to us on, and


Sudbury Councillors support residents’ opposition to telephone mast in green space in Vale Farm, Sudbury Avenue

Sudbury Councillors have been helping residents on Sudbury Avenue to object to proposals for a company called WHP Telecoms to install a 5G telephone mask in some green space on the east side of Vale Farm. Given the green space and the status of Vale Farm in the Sudbury Neighbourhood Plan, the proposal is clearly unsuitable and we will do everything we can to see off this development, as the particular site proposed is clearly unsuitable.


Sudbury Local Aid – join the conversation about how we can improve our local community

Sudbury’s local mutual aid group, Sudbury Local Aid, has now reached out to residents asking them to join a conversation on how we can improve our local community, as we shift to the next stage of the pandemic. To get involved in the conversation, please join the dedicated Facebook group and get in touch to suggest ideas – and please continue to reach out if you want to volunteer or suggest activities.


Planning Committee declines to approve Pocket Living application, after strong objections from Sudbury Councillors

After strong objections from Sudbury Councillors, Brent Council’s planning committee today voted 4-3 against the Pocket Living application. A vote to refer this back to Council Officers and the applicants was then passed by a vote of 5-2. This follows strong objections from local residents and Sudbury Councillors.


Covid-19 pandemic – statement from Sudbury Labour Councillors

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the way we support you as your local Councillors will unfortunately have to change in the months ahead. This statement sets out what we are going to do to minimise the risk of infection and ensure that we can continue to help every resident in need. We will regularly update it as the situation evolves.

It’s more important than ever that we support the most vulnerable in these difficult times, so we‘ll be stepping up our work in the community – but we need to work in a different way.  To do this, we need your help more than ever to ensure we can support those who need assistance. 


Sudbury Councillors secure first free community skip in Sudbury for residents in Hastings, Chilcott and Compton Avenue

On 15 February, Sudbury Councillors secured the ward’s first ever free community skip, providing residents with the chance to dispose of bulky waste completely free of charge without having to pay for bulky waste collection. This will be the first of many free community skips in Sudbury.


Brent Breathes: air quality scrutiny inquiry to go to Cabinet on 14 January

A scrutiny inquiry into air quality in Brent, chaired by one of the Sudbury Councillors (Cllr Thomas Stephens), has now been published. It’s been endorsed by the Council’s Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee, and will be formally considered by Cabinet in the New Year.


Brent air quality scrutiny committee inquiry launches appeal for information

One of us (Cllr Thomas Stephens) has recently been appointed Chair of a task group in Brent Council to investigate issues with air quality in the borough, and make recommendations on potential policy changes.

We’ve just started the evidence-gathering part of our work and have issued an appeal for information, so we’d welcome any thoughts and ideas, from across Brent, on things which need investigating – please do get in touch.


New local community gardening initiative kicks off its first project in Perkin Close, Sudbury

On Saturday 3 August, a new local gardening initiative in Sudbury – set up with the full support of the ward’s three Labour Councillors – hit the ground running with its first ever project: an initiative to improve and enhance some green space in Perkin Close, Sudbury. We’ll continue to support this project as it further enhances the local area in the months ahead, with the support of Sudbury residents.


Sudbury becomes greener, with new investment in our parks and green spaces

Thanks to successful campaigning from Sudbury Councillors and residents, our community recently received some welcome investment in our parks and green spaces. Beautiful planters have now been installed in Sudbury Town centre, whilst Barham Park will be at the centre of a new Brent-wide “bee corridor” to improve biodiversity and encourage more community activities.

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