Letters written to Priory Close and Priory Avenue residents confirming action taken to combat Anti-Social Behaviour in their area

On Friday 8 February, Sudbury’s Councillors wrote to fellow residents in Priory Close and Priory Avenue to provide some reassurance about action being taken to combat rogue traders in their area. 

We wrote this letter at the request of some local residents in the area, after we heard reports that some people had been approached by rogue traders in their area. 

We have flagged this with Sudbury’s Safer Neighbourbood Team and they are on the lookout for these people. Anyone approached by rogue traders should contact the Safer Neigbourhood Team. They not allow them into their homes or do business with them. 

You can find our letter below: 

Re. Rogue tradesmen and anti-social behaviour in Priory Close and Priory Avenue

Dear Resident

We are writing as your three locally-elected Councillors in Sudbury to advise you of reports of rogue tradesmen knocking on doors in your area; and to reassure you of action the police are taking in this area. 

We have heard reports of fake tradesman coming to people’s doors and suggesting your roof needs attention, or offering to improve your driveway. Please do not invite them into your home or engage them to work for you. 

Sudbury’s neighbourhood safety team are on the lookout for such individuals. If you are concerned about a rogue tradesman coming, about such people please call 999 immediately. Do also look out for neighbours, especially older neighbours who may be at a particular risk of being targeted. 

As your local Councillors in Sudbury, we attend regular walkabouts with the police to pick up any issues on Sudbury’s streets, where we have one-to-one conversations with people about your concerns. So if you have any issues on the Priories which you would like to bring to our attention, don’t hesitate to contact us using the details above or drop in to one of our local surgeries. 

Best wishes

Cllr Thomas Stephens
Cllr Mary Daly
Cllr Saqib Butt

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