Join the ‘Sudbury spring clean’ – tell us about street issues and local improvements needed in your area

Now the days are getting warmer and we’re moving to the next stage of the pandemic response, Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors – Mary Daly, Thomas Stephens and Saqib Butt – are reaching out to all residents for help in reporting any street issues which have emerged during recent lockdowns, and ideas on new investments needed in Sudbury from Brent Council.

Whatever the issue, big or small – whether it be potholes, litter, damaged pavements, anti-social behaviour or the need for new investment in our green space and infrastructure – we want to report it for you and help secure investment from Brent Council. Reach out to us on, and

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s been more important than ever that we reach out to Sudbury residents in new ways, and make it as easy as possible for you to tell us about it. That’s why at the very start of the first lockdown, we reached out to residents through local whatsapp groups; switched to telephone and video surgeries; became more active online; and helped set up Sudbury’s very own mutual aid group, Sudbury Local Aid.

Working with residents’ groups, we’ve been able to secure amazing investment into Sudbury even during the pandemic, which has transformed the area for the better. This includes:

  • An award-winning community gardening initiative led by Sudbury Community Gardeners which has transformed Perkin Close, Priory Close and Maybank Avenue, funded by Brent Council ‘Love Where You Live’ grant
  • Millions of pounds of Council investment in our footways in Harrowdene Road, Maybank Avenue, District Road and Station Approach
  • Free Brent Council community skips for streets that need bulky waste collected, in Chaplin Road, Hastings Close, Chilcott Avenue and Compton Avenue
  • Historic new investment in Sudbury’s parks and green spaces, delivered by Brent Council – including in Barham Park and Sudbury Town – with new investment promised from the Barham Park Trust

At the same time, we’ve continued to fight for local residents on day-to-day issues during the lockdown, as we know it’s more vital than ever that those in need get the help they require. We’ve continued to pick up issues from Sudbury Local Aid to get welfare assistance for vulnerable residents, including from the Council’s new Resident Support Fund. We’ve also been just as active as before in reporting street issues like litter, anti-social behaviour and damaged roads and pavements – we appreciate everything residents have done to keep us aware of these when we haven’t been able to see you face-to-face – including through WhatsApp, by email and in our online surgeries.

Now that we’re moving to the next stage of the pandemic response and the vaccine is being rolled-out, we want to build on this by asking local residents to participate in a (virtual) ‘Sudbury spring clean’. We need you to contact us about ny street issue – big or small – so we can investigate and report to Brent Council. We also want to hear your ideas about new investment needed in our local area – Brent Council has just reopened its Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy fund for local initiatives, and we want to ensure as many Sudbury projects as possible apply by the deadline of 3 May.

These include:

  • Potholes on your streets which need filling in, using Brent Council’s innovative jet patching method
  • Litter and fly tips on streets
  • Issues with private land, such as waste management issues in houses of multiple occupation
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Issues with pavements, so we can lobby the Council for new footway improvements and build on the investment already secured
  • Improvements needed for grass verges and green spaces
  • Whether you’d like your street to be considered for one of Brent Council’s free community skips
  • Any ideas you would like us to support you with for Community Infrastructure Levy or Love Where You LIve funding from the Council

Lockdown rules permitting, we hope to be out and about once again doing walkabouts throughout Sudbury so we can pick up on these issues ourselves. But the recent pandemic makes it more vital than ever that you reach out directly to us about any problems and speak with us about local issues.

Please do contact us however you like, using the details on our website. The easiest way to reach out to us is by dropping quick email to all three of us, at:

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