Category : Enhancing Sudbury’s Green Spaces

Sudbury Councillors support community bids to improve green spaces in Barham Park and Vale Farm

Following our earlier campaign to secure investment in our parks and green spaces, we have now sent letters strongly supporting bids for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy investment in Barham Park and Vale Farm. This is the next step in a series of efforts to enhance green spaces in Sudbury, and provide more opportunities for community activities for people of all ages.


Support a Council bid for community activities and greening in Vale Farm – sign the petition

Working with the local community and Northwick Park’s fellow Councillors, we’re supporting a bid to use Brent Council funding, levied from private developers, to provide for more community activities for Vale Farm and enhance existing green spaces.

Vale Farm is one of Sudbury’s vital green spaces and is rightly protected from development in our local Neighbourhood Plan. This bid would enhance green spaces, plant more greenery and provide for more physical activities for people of all ages.

To support this bid or to suggest ideas, please either sign the below petition or drop us a quick email on, and We only need your surname and postcode to log your support.


Support new Council investment in Barham Park, Sudbury – sign the petition to support a community bid

As Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors, we have been working closely with the Barham Park Trust and the Council to secure new investment in Barham Park.

As a result of this, we’re supporting a bid to use Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) capital funding to improve the park to enable more activities to take place for local residents.

This includes investment to restore the historic park buildings, in particular the exterior, to dramatically improve the amenities available to people living around the park.

If you support this bid, please either sign the below petition or drop us a quick email on, and We only need your surname and postcode to log your support.


Sudbury Councillors support residents’ opposition to telephone mast in green space in Vale Farm, Sudbury Avenue

Sudbury Councillors have been helping residents on Sudbury Avenue to object to proposals for a company called WHP Telecoms to install a 5G telephone mask in some green space on the east side of Vale Farm. Given the green space and the status of Vale Farm in the Sudbury Neighbourhood Plan, the proposal is clearly unsuitable and we will do everything we can to see off this development, as the particular site proposed is clearly unsuitable.


New local community gardening initiative kicks off its first project in Perkin Close, Sudbury

On Saturday 3 August, a new local gardening initiative in Sudbury – set up with the full support of the ward’s three Labour Councillors – hit the ground running with its first ever project: an initiative to improve and enhance some green space in Perkin Close, Sudbury. We’ll continue to support this project as it further enhances the local area in the months ahead, with the support of Sudbury residents.


Sudbury becomes greener, with new investment in our parks and green spaces

Thanks to successful campaigning from Sudbury Councillors and residents, our community recently received some welcome investment in our parks and green spaces. Beautiful planters have now been installed in Sudbury Town centre, whilst Barham Park will be at the centre of a new Brent-wide “bee corridor” to improve biodiversity and encourage more community activities.


Sudbury Councillors move to reassure Gauntlett Court residents about protections for our green spaces

On Monday 11 February, Sudbury Councillors wrote to residents in Gauntlett Court to correct some unfounded rumours about development in our area, and confirm the strong safeguards which are in place to protect Sudbury’s green spaces in our Neighbourhood Plan.


Sudbury Councillors write to District and Central Road Residents to confirm our opposition to proposal for development at 709 Harrow Road

Sudbury Councillors have been contacted by a considerable number of residents in District and Central Road who are opposed to a proposed development in 709 Harrow Road (Ref: 19/0002). On Thursday 7 February, Cllr Thomas Stephens and Cllr Mary Daly wrote back to them to confirm our own opposition to this development. 


Sudbury Councillors write to confirm our opposition to Vale Farm car park development to Hastings, Chilcott and Compton residents

We’ve heard a number of concerns from residents about a proposed development to build a car park at Wasps RFC Pavilion. We have written to reassure fellow residents that we also oppose this development, and that the Council is minded to reject this application.


Sudbury Labour Councillors work to secure community funding to improve green spaces and deal with street issues for Farm Avenue residents

Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have written a joint letter to all Farm Avenue residents, following up on a range of issues residents raised when we knocked on their doors late last year and updating them on our work to secure community funding to improve green areas on the street.

This is just the start, and we’ll be contacting residents door-to-door throughout the ward in the year ahead about the issues that matter to them; and proactively following-up with letters and surveys to local residents.

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