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Join the ‘Sudbury spring clean’ – tell us about street issues and local improvements needed in your area

Now the days are getting warmer and we’re moving to the next stage of the pandemic response, Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors – Mary Daly, Thomas Stephens and Saqib Butt – are reaching out to all residents for help in reporting any street issues which have emerged during recent lockdowns, and ideas on new investments needed in Sudbury from Brent Council.

Whatever the issue, big or small – whether it be potholes, litter, damaged pavements, anti-social behaviour or the need for new investment in our green space and infrastructure – we want to report it for you and help secure investment from Brent Council. Reach out to us on, and


Sudbury Councillors secure first free community skip in Sudbury for residents in Hastings, Chilcott and Compton Avenue

On 15 February, Sudbury Councillors secured the ward’s first ever free community skip, providing residents with the chance to dispose of bulky waste completely free of charge without having to pay for bulky waste collection. This will be the first of many free community skips in Sudbury.


Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter published

Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter has started to be delivered to people’s homes. It updates residents on some of the things Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have been doing to improve the area – including tackling crime and anti-social behaviour; keeping Sudbury’s streets clean; improving Sudbury’s transport links; and enhancing our local parks and green spaces. 


Sudbury Councillors write to Eton Avenue residents confirming action taken to combat anti-social behaviour, tackle fly tips and improve roads

On Saturday 16 February, Sudbury’s Labour Councillors wrote to residents in Eton Avenue confirming action taken to improve pavements, combat anti-social behaviour and deal with litter and fly-tips in their area.


Sudbury Labour Councillors work to secure community funding to improve green spaces and deal with street issues for Farm Avenue residents

Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have written a joint letter to all Farm Avenue residents, following up on a range of issues residents raised when we knocked on their doors late last year and updating them on our work to secure community funding to improve green areas on the street.

This is just the start, and we’ll be contacting residents door-to-door throughout the ward in the year ahead about the issues that matter to them; and proactively following-up with letters and surveys to local residents.


Sudbury Councillors continue supporting STRA’s “Sudbury in Bloom” clean-up of Network Rail land

Today, Sudbury Councillors continued to support Sudbury Town Residents’ Association’s (STRA’s) gardening and clean-up of Network Rail-owned land near the railway bridge in Sudbury. We’ll also be approaching TfL, the Council and the local Housing Association to get them to further improve the area, building on the excellent work STRA has done.


Casework successes in the weeks since May 2018 – an update

We’ve had a number of casework successes in Sudbury recently – from improving conditions in people’s homes, to clearing up our streets of rubbish and supporting vulnerable residents in need of social security. Please get in touch if you feel we could help with any issues you have. 


Sudbury Labour attends Sudbury Town Residents’ Assocation’s ‘Great Plastic Pick-up’ on 12 May 2018

We were proud to support STRA in their ‘Great Plastic Pick-up’ on 12 May, where we helped clear dozens of bags’ worth of litter from Sudbury’s streets.