Category : Environment and Climate Emergency

Sudbury Councillors support community bids to improve green spaces in Barham Park and Vale Farm

Following our earlier campaign to secure investment in our parks and green spaces, we have now sent letters strongly supporting bids for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy investment in Barham Park and Vale Farm. This is the next step in a series of efforts to enhance green spaces in Sudbury, and provide more opportunities for community activities for people of all ages.


Brent Breathes: air quality scrutiny inquiry to go to Cabinet on 14 January

A scrutiny inquiry into air quality in Brent, chaired by one of the Sudbury Councillors (Cllr Thomas Stephens), has now been published. It’s been endorsed by the Council’s Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee, and will be formally considered by Cabinet in the New Year.


Brent air quality scrutiny committee inquiry launches appeal for information

One of us (Cllr Thomas Stephens) has recently been appointed Chair of a task group in Brent Council to investigate issues with air quality in the borough, and make recommendations on potential policy changes.

We’ve just started the evidence-gathering part of our work and have issued an appeal for information, so we’d welcome any thoughts and ideas, from across Brent, on things which need investigating – please do get in touch.