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Sudbury Local Aid – join the conversation about how we can improve our local community

Sudbury’s local mutual aid group, Sudbury Local Aid, has now reached out to residents asking them to join a conversation on how we can improve our local community, as we shift to the next stage of the pandemic. To get involved in the conversation, please join the dedicated Facebook group and get in touch to suggest ideas – and please continue to reach out if you want to volunteer or suggest activities.


Covid-19 pandemic – statement from Sudbury Labour Councillors

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the way we support you as your local Councillors will unfortunately have to change in the months ahead. This statement sets out what we are going to do to minimise the risk of infection and ensure that we can continue to help every resident in need. We will regularly update it as the situation evolves.

It’s more important than ever that we support the most vulnerable in these difficult times, so we‘ll be stepping up our work in the community – but we need to work in a different way.  To do this, we need your help more than ever to ensure we can support those who need assistance. 


Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter published

Sudbury Labour’s spring 2019 newsletter has started to be delivered to people’s homes. It updates residents on some of the things Sudbury’s Labour Councillors have been doing to improve the area – including tackling crime and anti-social behaviour; keeping Sudbury’s streets clean; improving Sudbury’s transport links; and enhancing our local parks and green spaces. 


Casework successes in the weeks since May 2018 – an update

We’ve had a number of casework successes in Sudbury recently – from improving conditions in people’s homes, to clearing up our streets of rubbish and supporting vulnerable residents in need of social security. Please get in touch if you feel we could help with any issues you have.