Casework successes in the weeks since May 2018 – an update

We’ve had a number of casework successes in Sudbury recently – from improving conditions in people’s homes, to clearing up our streets of rubbish and supporting vulnerable residents in need of social security. Please get in touch if you feel we could help with any issues you have. 

We’ve had three ward surgeries since being elected in May 2018, where we’ve picked up a great deal of casework from local residents. We’ve also heard from residents over the phone and by email, and have also just picked up cases whilst going on walkabouts through the streets of the ward.

Although we can never promise a ‘quick fix’ to issues you raise, we will always try our best to support everyone who approaches us with any issues you have.

Thus far, we’ve had a number of successes in cases we’ve taken up, including:

  • A sub-standard House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) has been forced to make a range of improvements to their property after residents complained about the conditions. The landlord has been set deadlines by the Council to carry out improvements, and we’ll be supporting the local tenants throughout this process
  • Some large bins in Gilbert Scott close have been replaced and litter in the area has been cleared up, after vandals did away with the bins. This is a long-standing case we had raised with Veolia and we were disappointed at the slow speed of response both from them and the property manager
  • An entire street has been reimbursed hundreds of pounds from the Council after residents were wrongly told they had been ‘overpaid’ Housing Benefit and had to pay it back. In fact their landlord was responsible for the overpayment and they could not have been reasonably aware it was happening. The Council corrected this error as soon as it was made aware of it, and apologised to all the residents affected
  • An elderly resident claiming Housing Benefit was told to pay back thousands of pounds in an ‘overpayment’. After we challenged this decision on several grounds, the Council has reversed this decision and restored their housing benefit
  • A resident who was fined for ‘missing’ a Council Tax payment has had the fine waived, after we provided evidence that they had made the payment on time but that it was not put into the Council’s account due to an error beyond their control
  • A resident in a shared ownership leasehold property was unsure whether they could take ownership of the freehold, given that they part-rented their home from that same freeholder. After taking this up with the Leasehold Advisory Service, the resident has been given assured that there are circumstances where shared owners can take ownership of the freehold. They will now be engaging directly with the Leasehold Advisory Service to discuss their options further
  • Transport for London will be removing illegal waste from behind the fences in the west of Maybank Open Space, inside land they own. This took several weeks to resolve and we had to chase this up with them on three occasions, and in consequence we will be raising this further with relevant decision-makers in the Greater London Authority
  • A landlord of a large property complex has been forced to deal with a rat infestation which has affected his tenants, following a Council inspection
  • An elderly resident affected by the bedroom tax has been given a Discretionary Housing Payment by the Council, to support them in meeting their housing costs
  • Following a report to Brent Council outreach team and it partner St Mungo’s, a rough sleeper in Sudbury has been identified and given support

We are always keen to hear from you about any cases you have. Just drop us an email, give us a call, Tweet @Sudbury_Labour or pop in to one of our surgeries.

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