Brent Local Plan consultation – an appeal for suggestions

I am sitting on a Local Plan review group in Brent Council. When adopted, the Local Plan will determine Brent’s future planning priorities over the next 10-20 years from 2020-onwards. If you have any thoughts on points I should raise at the review group, please get in touch.

I have recently been appointed to a group which will be reviewing Brent Council’s Local Plan. We held our first meeting today (7th June) and will hold further such meetings every month for the rest of the year.

When it is adopted in 2020, this document will help shape Brent’s planning and development policies over the next 10-20 years. It sits alongside the over-arching ‘London Plan’, which is set by the Mayor of London. It cannot contradict what’s in the London Plan: it’s intended to complement it and set out some priorities which are more relevant to Brent.

This is therefore an extremely important document, and it will help shape the kind of Brent we all want to see. Thus far, I have identified the need to raise the following issues as part of the plan, although this list is far from exhaustive and I know there is much more to cover:

  • Making sure areas outside Wembley Park are properly addressed, so that we have a clear set of priorities for the whole borough
  • Combating air pollution as part of the planning policy
  • Making sure new leaseholders and private renters are given proper protection from managing agents and landlords, respectively
  • Ensuring new developments create community and civic spaces
  • Promoting cycling and other forms of exercise, so that residents have alternative ways to go about
  • Building on Brent’s Borough of Culture status by ensuring we have a planning policy that creates close-knit, friendly communities
  • Building the affordable and social housing required to meet the needs of ordinary residents
  • Ensuring existing residents associations are consulted with properly, and their statutory status is recognised in this process
  • Ensuring that heavy traffic congestion and vehicle pollution is addressed as a key concern, and making sure that the plan responds to Government plans to dramatically change the way we all use cars in the coming decades

Over the next six months, I’m keen to hear from as many local residents as possible about what you think the Local Plan should cover. Please get in touch with your thoughts.

Councillor Thomas Stephens

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