Our Campaigns

Ahead of the Brent Council local elections in May 2018, we made ‘five pledges’ to local residents setting out the issues we would champion during our 2018-2022 term of office. You can read our five pledges here:


Since our election, we have set about delivering on these pledges and campaigning on the issues that matter to residents.

You can find a summary of our campaigns below, together with a list of posts on our website on how we have championed these issues.

Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour

We know that this is a key issue in the ward, with street drinkers and others especially active in Sudbury’s parks and green spaces and near Sudbury & Harrow Road station. We are in regular contact with the British Transport Police, the Council and Sudbury’s Safer Neighbourhood Team and are working together to tackle these issues.

Improving Sudbury transport links

Brent and Kilburn Times cover Sudbury residents’ campaign for a better rail service at Sudbury & Harrow Road station, August 2018

We are raising a number of issues about local transport to Transport for London, rail operators and the Department for Transport. We know, for example, that Chiltern railway provide a sub-standard service to Sudbury & Harrow road station: four return services every weekday are hardly sufficient, and the station is empty and unmanned for most of the day and all day at weekends. We will be taking steps to raise this as the franchise comes up for renewal. We also know that many residents are also concerned about the bus services which operate through Sudbury.

Combating litter and illegal dumping

Sudbury Councillors work with local residents to clear up litter and plant trees near the railway bridge on Harrow Road, as part of their “Sudbury in Bloom” initiative, May 2018

Sudbury has made great strides in combating litter and illegal dumping thanks in no small part to the efforts of local residents’ associations, but much more still needs to be done. We regularly patrol the ward to report issues with bins and illegal waste, and we work with residents’ associations in litter picks. We are also working to force Transport for London and Network Rail to clear litter on land they own.

Filling potholes and improving roads

We regularly report street issues with the Council and take up any issues we encounter during walkabouts of the ward. Please contact us if you identify any issues.

Enhancing Sudbury’s green spaces

This mulberry tree in Barham Park has greeted visitors to the historic farmhouse since the 1760s. It is vital that these trees, and the green spaces around them, are safeguarded for future generations.

We are working with residents to plant more trees and gardens throughout the ward – in the town centre, Barham Park, Vale Farm and across green spaces in every neighbourhood across Sudbury. In addition, whilst Sudbury is currently well-served by parks and green spaces, we are working to secure investment in sports and other activities in some of these areas so local residents have more to do.

Supporting leaseholders

Many residents in Sudbury are leaseholders and/or private tenants of leasehold properties. It is essential that they know their rights, and that managing agents for freeholders do not exploit them – for example by ratcheting up management fees or failing to address residents’ issues. Where residents desire it, they should be supported to take over the freehold of their properties. We are working with local residents’ associations to support leaseholders in every way we can.

Working with Sudbury community groups

Sudbury is well-served by a number of local tenants’ and residents’ associations. We work closely with them to act on any concerns they have, secure funding for their projects and volunteer at events they run – including community litter-picks, leaseholder events and gardening activities.

Investing in housing and tackling homelessness

Brent Council has recently extended its powers to enforce standards in private tenancies, particularly Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). It is essential that these powers are used to protect residents, and we regularly take up tenants’ concerns about conditions in their homes. Within the Council, we are also working to ensure that its planning and housebuilding policy also needs to cater to the needs of local residents and build strong, sustainable communities and protect green spaces in Sudbury. Finally, we also regularly work to ensure that rough sleepers and homeless people are given the support they need through the Council. We support many homeless people living in temporary accommodation, and we also report any cases residents raise to relevant outreach teams.

Protecting Sudbury’s most vulnerable residents

We regularly work with Sudbury’s most vulnerable residents to ensure they have the support they need, and we hold frequent surgeries and reach out to these residents. Amongst other things, we work to support residents in need of Housing Benefit or welfare support; we assist disabled people in obtaining financial assistance, housing support and home adaptations; and we ensure elderly residents and children in Sudbury are protected.

Improving Sudbury’s high street

Sudbury Councillors hand Sudbury cafe a well-deserved award – for the second year in a row – for being shortlisted in Brent Council’s 2019 Small Business Saturday awards

There are some excellent community businesses in Sudbury’s high street, but we need to work with Brent Council and local businesses to help responsible local businesses – rooted in our community – to survive and thrive. We visit local shopkeepers and businesses regularly and keep an eye out for anything we can do to promote them – including by nominating them to the Brent small business Saturday awards, and looking to support Community Infrastructure Levy bids to make Sudbury’s high street a better place to shop and socialise.

Improving the environment and tackling the climate emergency

We’ve been leading efforts to improve air quality in Brent. One of us (Cllr Thomas Stephens) chaired an air quality scrutiny inquiry in July-December 2019, which presented its final report to the Cabinet in January 2020.

For the sake of future generations, it’s essential we make Sudbury a greener place to live and play our full part in tackling the climate and ecological emergency.

We’re working hard within Brent Council to ensure that we do this in a way which benefits Sudbury’s residents – with more green space, better public transport and new high-skilled green jobs. We’ve also been leading efforts to improve air quality in the borough.

One of the ways we’ve been doing this is by working with residents to establish Sudbury’s very own local community gardening group, Sudbury Community Gardeners. They’ve won awards, are a real trailblazer across Brent and have turned many neglected areas of our neighbourhood into vibrant green spaces.