Back to business for Sudbury! Councillors go on joint walkabout to promote Brent’s new business support scheme

Brent Council has just released details of our own new £2.5 million ‘Back to Business’ grants scheme for businesses which have missed out on previous Government grants. For details, visit On Saturday 19 June, we went out and about in Sudbury alongside Cllr Muhammed Butt, Barry Gardiner MP and Cllr Shama Tatler to promote the new scheme. We also used the opportunity to improve the planters in Sudbury town, and ask local firms new and old how we can help them survive and thrive.


Barham park development proposals withdrawn by developer, following objections from Sudbury Councillors and residents

We’re pleased to confirm that the developer has today (19 May) withdrawn the application to develop on 776 and 778 Harrow Road, near Barham Park. This follows detailed objections submitted by Sudbury Councillors and residents.


Proposal to build mast in green space in Vale Farm rejected by planning inspector, with support from Sudbury Councillors and local residents

As noted in a previous post, for quite some time we’ve been working closely with residents in and around Sudbury Avenue to fight off a developer’s proposal to build a 5G telephone mast in green space in Vale Farm – a wholly unsuitable location for a development of this kind. Following an appeal by the developer, we are pleased to confirm the planning inspector has now rejected this application and supported Brent Council’s original decision to reject the appeal.


Sudbury Councillors support community bids to improve green spaces in Barham Park and Vale Farm

Following our earlier campaign to secure investment in our parks and green spaces, we have now sent letters strongly supporting bids for Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy investment in Barham Park and Vale Farm. This is the next step in a series of efforts to enhance green spaces in Sudbury, and provide more opportunities for community activities for people of all ages.


Sudbury Labour Councillors reassure residents and make representations about planning applications in Sudbury Town station and near Barham Park

Residents have been in touch about two recent planning applications in Sudbury : one developing the cottages near Barham Park (pictured) and another an appeal by Pocket Living to the Planning Inspector, asking them to overturn Brent Council’s Planning Committee’s original decision to reject their application to build one-bedroom flats near Sudbury Town station. In response to these concerns we have written detailed representations on behalf of residents about these applications, supporting objections. You can find these in this post.


Support a Council bid for community activities and greening in Vale Farm – sign the petition

Working with the local community and Northwick Park’s fellow Councillors, we’re supporting a bid to use Brent Council funding, levied from private developers, to provide for more community activities for Vale Farm and enhance existing green spaces.

Vale Farm is one of Sudbury’s vital green spaces and is rightly protected from development in our local Neighbourhood Plan. This bid would enhance green spaces, plant more greenery and provide for more physical activities for people of all ages.

To support this bid or to suggest ideas, please either sign the below petition or drop us a quick email on, and We only need your surname and postcode to log your support.


Support new Council investment in Barham Park, Sudbury – sign the petition to support a community bid

As Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors, we have been working closely with the Barham Park Trust and the Council to secure new investment in Barham Park.

As a result of this, we’re supporting a bid to use Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) capital funding to improve the park to enable more activities to take place for local residents.

This includes investment to restore the historic park buildings, in particular the exterior, to dramatically improve the amenities available to people living around the park.

If you support this bid, please either sign the below petition or drop us a quick email on, and We only need your surname and postcode to log your support.


Join the ‘Sudbury spring clean’ – tell us about street issues and local improvements needed in your area

Now the days are getting warmer and we’re moving to the next stage of the pandemic response, Sudbury’s three Labour Councillors – Mary Daly, Thomas Stephens and Saqib Butt – are reaching out to all residents for help in reporting any street issues which have emerged during recent lockdowns, and ideas on new investments needed in Sudbury from Brent Council.

Whatever the issue, big or small – whether it be potholes, litter, damaged pavements, anti-social behaviour or the need for new investment in our green space and infrastructure – we want to report it for you and help secure investment from Brent Council. Reach out to us on, and


Sudbury Councillors support residents’ opposition to telephone mast in green space in Vale Farm, Sudbury Avenue

Sudbury Councillors have been helping residents on Sudbury Avenue to object to proposals for a company called WHP Telecoms to install a 5G telephone mask in some green space on the east side of Vale Farm. Given the green space and the status of Vale Farm in the Sudbury Neighbourhood Plan, the proposal is clearly unsuitable and we will do everything we can to see off this development, as the particular site proposed is clearly unsuitable.


Sudbury Local Aid – join the conversation about how we can improve our local community

Sudbury’s local mutual aid group, Sudbury Local Aid, has now reached out to residents asking them to join a conversation on how we can improve our local community, as we shift to the next stage of the pandemic. To get involved in the conversation, please join the dedicated Facebook group and get in touch to suggest ideas – and please continue to reach out if you want to volunteer or suggest activities.

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